Semi trucks speeding on the highway at sunset

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When it comes to navigating the open road with a capable rig, there are many exciting stories that are begging to be told, and all of us here at the Trucking News Company are beyond eager to keep grindin’ the gears and providing our readers the inside scoop. The current climate offers many reasons to get pumped about the industry, as new technology, several amazing pioneers with exceptional vision, and the longstanding draw of seeing an epic sunset while hauling the goods stands strong.

We wanted to begin our own brand of reporting during a time of change, where the hard-working men and women of America are re-thinking exactly what direction things are headed, and provide a voice for an industry that is the dire artery of the current supply chain. So many drivers have stories that we (Trucking News Company) would like to provide for you right here and are eager to share with everyday folks how they are putting their “own rugged thinking cap” on while solving the age-old problems of supply and demand.

Collision mitigation technology, dynamic routing, and the rapid evolution of electronic logging devices are all topics we want to keep our readers informed on, as well as freight matching and the oncoming emergence of the electric truck. There are now award-winning rigs being built that surpass old-school hauling standards, cooling and refrigeration options that go far above and beyond what the offerings of yesteryear provided, and GPS options that enable drivers to efficiently get the job done. At Trucking News Company, we’re here to feature these advances in technology!

As things continue to evolve, we will provide the inside details on what the trucks will provide as far as technology, and cost-efficient solutions that are on the horizon. As it stands, we are so very interested in the PEOPLE that make all of this happen! We will be featuring drivers who are all-around awesome enough to be featured in the spotlight, and the reasons they began hitting the open road. Even when these tough-as-nails troopers love to get home, there is always a part of them that is constantly dreaming of the next time they get to embark on two lanes of primo rig-prone paradise! 

At Trucking News Company we’re fascinated with the fact that the hard-working individuals of today’s trucking industry don’t have to always feel so isolated and have the comforts of social media platforms along with stellar GPS to guide them. So many of today’s trucking rock stars don’t feel as if they are going through things alone and have a support system that will stand behind them through thick and thin. These are some of the most bonding connections in the business, as a driver snaking down I-25 in New Mexico enjoying the views of red rock can strike up a valuable kinship with the I-95 lobster hauler in Boston getting the goods to the townies on the double.

There are so many unique characters and entities that are going to make their appearances soon within this burgeoning industry, and we can’t wait to reflect on their hard work and diligence! From the dispatch bay to the welcoming cohorts manning your destination point, the Trucking News Company is here to herald your grit and always-driven perseverance.

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Semi trucks speeding on the highway at sunset