The TOP 5 Nebraska Trucking Companies

Nebraska is known for its vibrant trucking industry, with a variety of companies serving various transportation needs. In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 5 Nebraska trucking companies, including this incredible list of companies.

Let’s examine the strengths and performance of these award-winning Nebraska Trucking Companies.

Chief Carriers

Founded in 1968, Chief Carriers is one of the oldest and most reputable trucking companies in Nebraska. With over 75 trucks and 225 total trailers in the fleet, the company specializes in flatbed hauling. According to the Best Fleets to Drive For Organization, Chief Carriers has been nominated three years in a row as one of the best trucking companies in America.

Chief Carriers prides itself on its commitment to safety, with its drivers receiving regular safety training and its vehicles equipped with the latest safety technologies. The company has also invested heavily in its fleet, ensuring that its trucks and trailers are up-to-date and well-maintained.

General Manager Andrew Winkler has worked tirelessly to foster one of the best cultures in the trucking industry. That culture has helped drive one of the highest driver retention rates in the trucking industry.

Although the smallest of the Nebraska Trucking Companies we’re featuring this year, Chief Carriers has quickly gained the attention of professional truck drivers and trucking industry experts in Nebraska and across the country with the release of its Driven Too Far podcast. The podcast offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the trucking industry and helps guide drivers to higher compensation and better benefits.

Crete Carrier

Founded in 1966, Crete Carrier is another top Nebraska trucking company, with a fleet of over 5,500 trucks and 13,000 trailers. The company specializes in refrigerated and dry van hauling and has a reputation for reliability and efficiency. In 2020, Crete Carrier was named one of the top 20 carriers in the nation by Transport Topics.

One of the things that set Crete Carrier apart is its emphasis on driver satisfaction. The company offers competitive pay and benefits, as well as a range of programs designed to support the physical and mental health of its drivers. This commitment to its workforce has helped Crete Carrier to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is a large trucking company with a presence in Nebraska and across the United States. Founded in 1956, the company has grown to have a fleet of over 8,000 trucks, 24,000 trailers, and a remarkable 13,000 employees.

Werner Enterprises offers a range of transportation services, including temperature-controlled, dry van, and flatbed hauling.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Werner Enterprises was named one of the top 10 carriers in the nation in 2020. With Derek Leathers at the helm, the company has a reputation for innovation, investing in technologies like telematics and predictive analytics to improve safety and efficiency. Werner Enterprises also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with a focus on reducing its carbon footprint and promoting environmentally-friendly practices.

Hunt Transportation

Hunt Transportation is a trucking company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Hunt Transportation is owned by Crete Carrier Corporation.

According to Transport Topics, Hunt Transportation was named one of the top 100 carriers in the nation in 2020. The company has a strong focus on safety, with its drivers receiving regular training and its vehicles equipped with the latest safety technologies.

Hunt Transportation also offers competitive pay and benefits to its drivers, as well as opportunities for advancement within the company.

Hirschbach Motor Lines

Hirschbach Motor Lines is a trucking company based in Fremont, Nebraska. Founded in 1935, the company has a fleet of over 3,000 trucks and 5,000 trailers and specializes in refrigerated and temperature-controlled hauling. Hirschbach Motor Lines has a reputation for reliability and efficiency, with a strong focus on customer service.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Hirschbach Motor Lines was named one of the top 10 carriers in the nation in 2020.

These TOP Five Nebraska trucking companies are just a few of the many outstanding organizations in the state. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to their employees has helped them become some of the most respected names in trucking today. As the industry continues to evolve, Trucking News Company looks forward to seeing how these companies will continue to innovate and lead the way for other trucking firms across the country.